martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe

I believe...
I believe in the power and I never ever doubt,
Every minute every hour I believe...
I believe in myself cause I know I'll get my help
From the power in the sky I believe..
Verse 1
No need askin where ive been just ask me where im goin, cause i wont be ashamed to tell ya,i live my life knowin, all the roads ahead of me are filled with peace and love,
Every step so heavenly you'll fall and bounce right up,
All miracles and dreams are realized for me through faith,
Nothing seems impossible if you believe
Verse 2
Lookin in the mirror I can see my eyes are glowing, living testimony, that the spirit keeps me goin, oh im feeling so good, got to raise my hands an rejoice, say a few words to praise him, everytime i lift my voice, all miracles and dreams realized for me through faith nothin seems impossible if you believe..

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